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A Daily Devotional for Caregivers

Transitions, Trust, and Triumph is an inspirational book of daily devotions detailing how Moody-Williams chronicles her experiences into daily words of encouragement for other caregivers to reflect on the goodness of God!

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Group Orders

Discounts provided for orders of 10 or greater according to the schedule below.  Order enough for your family, friends, congregation and organization members.


10-49            10% off

50-99            15% off

100-249        20% off

250-499        25% off

500-999        30% off

1000-1999    35% off


Name of Individual/Group or Organization___________________________________________________________________

Address (billing)________________________________________________________________________________________________

City______________________________________State______________________________________Zip Code__________________

Telephone #_______________________________________________Fax#________________________________________________

Email Address____________________________________________Website_____________________________________________

Shipping Address if different than above_____________________________________________________________________

City______________________________________State______________________________________Zip Code____________________

Quantity of books Requested_______________________________________

You may place your group order by:

Mail:  Mail this form to PO Box

Email: Email the above information to

Phone: Call 301-728-9694

Checks, credit cards and Pay Pal accepted


The final price, with discount, tax, shipping and handling will be provided at the time of the order.

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